04.09.2019 21:50|ХК Сочи

HC Sochi starts the season with a win

Wednesday, 04.09.2019, 19:30
(0:0, 1:0, 2:2)

Game Report

1:0. Tochitsky (Shmelyov, Y. Alexandrov) – 37:55, PP, 2:0. Rosen (Krikunov, Pogorishny) – 42:52, 2:1 Mitchell – 44:22, SH, 3:1 Collins (Rosen, Ellis) – 49:44, PP, 3:2 Shiksatdarov (Fazleyev) – 52:31

Leopards started the season with a tight battle against wolves from Nizhnekamsk.

Coaches decided to scratch before the game Swedish forward Malte Stromwall who felt sick before the game.

In the first frame of the game teams played very accurate trying to avoid any mistakes. Neftekhimik was more efficient in shooting – 8-5 for them but Dmitry Shikin and ex-Sochi goalie Konstantin Barulin played solid. At one moment, it seemed that second period would be goalless. However, our team opened the scoreboard on the power play. Nikita Tochitsky moved to the crease, puck after rebound from Stepan Zakharchuk’s leg got to the net.

Later in the third, Robert Rosen extended our lead with a perfect shot from the slot. Leopards could increase the score on the power play but instead of it, Zach Mitchell scored on the breakaway. Another PP opportunity helped us to restore the 2-goal lead, thanks to Sean Collins. Neftekhimik did not give up; Ildar Shiksatdarov made it 3-2. Officials needed a replay to make this goal legal because puck left the net right after crossing the line.

The last seconds Neftekhimik was in penalty killing situation that helped Sochi to get first win of 2019-20 campaign.



OFFICIALSBukin, Sergeyev – Zakharenkov, Sivov.



44.Shikin (73.Proskuryakov); 2.Y.Alexandrov – 4.Ellis, 17.Krikunov (c) – 87.Rosen – 9.Arkhipov; 75.Pogorishny – 12.Nazarevich, 54.Mosalyov (А) – 81.Collins (А) – 93.Shmelyov; 69.D.Alexandrov – 23.Vorobyov, 24.Altybarmakyan – 33.Tochitsky – 10.Starkov; 52.Gordeyev, 98.Rakhimullin – 13.Kaletnik – 43.Kapustin; 16.Tomilin.


30.Barulin (93.Sharychenkov); 77.Ryasensky – 42.Murphy (А), 24.Poryadin – 18.Mitchell – 21.White; 44.Sharipzyanov – 7.Zakharchuk (C), 10.Avtsyn – 87.Khafizov – 99.Bikmullin; 9.Sergeyev (А) – 22.Bryntsev, 37.Chernikov – 17.Kulikov – 8.Den.Kazionov; 27.Atyushov, 91.Fazleyev – 97.Sharifyanov – 11.Shiksatdarov; 90.Groshev.

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