07.09.2019 19:19|ХК Сочи

Sochi suffers first loss of the season

Saturday, 07.09.2019, 17:00
(0:3, 2:2, 1:1)

Game Report

0:1. Voronkov (Petrov) – 01:42, 0:2. Petrov (Galimov) – 03:06, 0:3. Frattin (Wikstrand, Ozhiganov) – 03:58, PP, 0:4. Tkachyov (Galiyev) – 21:00, 1:4. Tochitsky (Altybarmakyan) – 21:44, 1:5. Wikstrand (Osnovin, Zhuravlyov) – 23:53, 2:5. Altybarmakyan – 28:04, 3:5. Stromwall (Collins, Krikunov) – 49:04, 3:6. Osnovin (Galiyev) – 59:51, EN

Sochi cannot finish the first home series with 100% result.

Two games in two day should be a hard test for any team this year. Forwards Andrei Altybarmakyan, Damir Rakhimullin and defenseman Alexei Petrov who missed the start due to suspension replaced in the lineup Sergei Shmelyov, Denis Mosalyov and Kirill Vorobyov respectively. Coaches also decided to give a change goalie Ilya Proskuryakov.

Ak Bars started the game great scoring three goals in first four minutes of the play. So, Dmitry Shikin was forced to come to the game instead of Proskuryakov. It was hard to come back to the game after that start. Sochi started to play better only the fourth goal that happened in the beginning of the second period.

Andrei Altybarmakyan fired from the long distance and Nikita Tochitsky redirected the puck to the net. Unfortunately, in two minutes Mikael Wikstrand restored 4-goal lead for their team. Altybarmakyan was the most energetic player for our side. With his sole move in the middle of the game Andrei made the score 2:5. This energy helped us to play better defense and create some chances. However, this night we were able to score only one more goal when Malte Stromwall was first on the rebound after several deflections. In the last seconds Ak Bars finished the game with an empty-netter.



OFFICIALSSydorenko, Shchenyov – Lazarev, Streltsov.



73.Proskuryakov (44.Shikin, с 03:58); 2.Yu.Alexandrov – 4.Ellis, 17.Rkirkunov (К) – 87.Rosen – 88.Stromwall; 75.Pogorishny – 12.Nazarevich, 21.Lugin – 81.Collins (А) – 9.Arkhipov; 69.D.Alexandrov – 47.Petrov (А), 43.Kapustin – 33.Tochitsky – 96.Altybarmakyan; 52.Gordeyev, 16.Tomilin – 13.Kaletnik – 98.Rakhimullin; 10.Starkov.

Ak Bars

36.Reideborn (82.Bilyalov); 92.Ozhiganov – 6.Wikstrand, 51.Azevedo (А) – 28.Cormier – 39.Frattin; 16.Abrosimov – 3.Pedan, 22.Galiyev – 55.Tkachyov – 25.Zaripov (К); 64.Musin – 2.Zhuravlyov, 11.Fisenko – 17.Osnovin – 89.Lukoyanov (А); 96.Lyamkin, 10.Voronkov – 95.Galimov – 27.Petrov; 13.Mikheyev.

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