20.12.2019 21:59|ХК Сочи

Just one point in Moscow

Friday, 20.12.2019, 19:30
ЦСКА Арена, Москва
5:4 ОТ
(0:1, 0:2, 4:1, 1:0)

Game Report

0:1 Mosalyov (Alexandrov, Lugin) - 05:57, PP2, 0:2 Stromwall (Rosen, Altybarmakyan) - 33:15, 0:3 Altybarmakyan (Ellis) - 38:55, 1:3 Galimov (Hersley, Rylov) - 43:01, 2:3 Trishin (Arkalov, Kokarev) - 48:49, 3:3 Kokarev - 52:50, 3:4 Stromwall (Ellis, Altybarmakyan) - 55:04, 4:4 Rylov (Daugavins) - 56:27, 5:4 Vishnevsky (Hersley) - 64:38, PP

Leopards lost three-goal lead in game against Spartak

After big win in Minsk coaches remained our lineup the same. Ilya Proskuryakov started another game in the net.

It started well. Spartak defenseman Maxim Goncharov got the game misconduct penalty earlier in the game. On 5-on-3 situation Denis Mosalyov used pass a from Dmitry Lugin to open the scoreboard. Later we played very strict in our own end using chances in the offensive zone. Malte Stromwall and Andrei Altybarmakyan increased our lead to three goals.

Spartak came out desperate for the third period. They have managed to tie the game in 13 minutes. However, Stromwall restored our lead that was cut by Yakov Rylov with 3:33 to play. In last seconds of regular time both teams could win. In overtime Dmitry Vishnevsky helped his team a win using powerplay opportunity.

We are continuing our trip in Moscow playing on Sunday against Dynamo.



OFFICIALSOskirko, Frano – Bersenev, Yudin.



33.Hudacek (31.Bespalov, from 40:00); 55.Vishnevsky – 5.Musin, 12.Nikontsev (C) – 38.Zubov (А) – 16.Daugavins; 36.Rylov (А) – 6.Hersley, 97.Fyodorov – 78.Hanzl – 11.Galimov; 57.Goncharov – 10.Nikishin, 53.Kotlyarevsky – 91.Yunkov – 9.Tsyplakov; 44.Kulik – 32.Trishin, 93.Khokhlachyov – 7.Arkalov – 19.Kokarev.


73.Proskuryakov (34.Nalimov); 15.Bertilsson – 4.Ellis, 96.Altybarmakyan – 87.Rosen – 88.Stromwall; 75.Pogorishny – 19.Klimontov, 21.Lugin (C) – 33.Tochitsky– 93.Shmelyov; 2.Y.Alexandrov – 23.Vorobyov, 22. Vyglazov - 81.Collins (А) – 98.Rakhimullin; 12.Nazarevich, 9.Arkhipov – 16.Tomilin – 54.Mosalyov (A), 10.Starkov.


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Big loss in Moscow
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One game at a time

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