13.02.2020 18:33|ХК Сочи

One game at a time

Thursday, 13.02.2020, 15:30
ЛДС Сибирь, Новосибирск
2:3 Б
(2:0, 0:0, 0:2, 0:0, 0:1)

Game Report

1:0. Sayustov (Milovzorov, Timashov) – 03:37, 2:0. Peltola (Demidov, Milovzorov) – 12:45, 2:1. Mosalyov (Ellis, Tochitsky) – 47:19, 2:2. Bertilsson (Stromwall) – 55:32. 2:3. Stromwall – 65:00, SO

Leopards got a huge win in Novosibirsk.

After the game in Podolsk our coaching staff was needed to make changes. First of all, defenseman Roman Abrosimov got a one-game ban. Coaches decided to use three import Ds that led Sean Collins to the first line.

The first period was quite even however home team got an advantage from the moments. On the 4th minute Dmitry Sayustov opened the scoreboard firing from the sharp angle. Later the puck got into our net after bad luck rebound from Oleg Pogorishny’s skate.

Our team started the second frame full of energy. Sibir’s defense and goalie Alexei Krasikov played well in their end. Malte Stromwall had the best moment when he hit the post. Sochi played in the same pace in the third period. On 48th minute Denis Mosalyov converted a pass from Nikita Tochitsky to first our goal of the night. With 4:28 left to play Simon Bertilsson tied the game, probably Andrei Altybarmakyan deflected the puck into the net.

In overtime we had chances to grab a win, but teams decided it in shootout series, where Altybarmakyan, Tochitsky and Stromwall led our team to so huge win.

We will continue our road trip in Nur-Sultan against Barys on Saturday.



OFFICIALSRaming, Sergeyev – Lazarev, Shishlo.



84.Krasikov (29.Sateri); 23.Jokipakka – 18.Loginov, 86.Sharov – 13.Ruohomaa – 71.Puustinen; 20.Alexeyev – 2.Demidov, 81.Peltola – 8.Sayustov – 70.Milovzorov; 7.Morozov – 77.Timashov, 99.Shashkov – 12.Torchenyuk – 24.Chesalin; 78.Khabarov, 96.Korotkov – 91.Romantsev – 27.Zyryanov; 92.Romayev.


34.Nalimov (77.Akhmetov); 15.Bertilsson – 60.Rundblad, 96.Altybarmakyan – 81.Collins (A) – 88.Stromwall; 75.Pogorishny – 4.Ellis, 10.Starkov – 13.Kaletnik – 21.Lugin (C); 47.Petrov (A) - 2.Alexandrov, 54.Mosalyov– 33.Tochitsky – 93.Shmelyov; 52.Gordeyev, 22.Vyglazov – 16.Tomilin – 9. Arkhipov, 18.Makarenko.

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