12.01.2020 18:10|ХК Сочи

Revenge in Chelyabinsk

Sunday, 12.01.2020, 15:00
Арена Трактор, Челябинск
2:3 Б
(1:1, 1:0, 0:1, 0:0, 0:1)

Game Report

1:0. Hyka (Bailen) – 04:05, 1:1. Tochitsky (Rundblad, Shmelyov) – 10:53, 2:1. Hyka – 27:19, SH, 2:2. Vyglazov (Y.Alexandrov) – 45:55, 2:3. Tochitsky – 65:00, SO

Leopards came back twice to secure shootout win in Chelyabinsk.

Coaches made two changes in the lineup returning defenseman Alexei Petrov and forward Vyacheslav Leshchenko.

First 20s were quite even. On 5th minute Traktor got a lead after Tomas Hyka’s accurate shot. We answered back with Nikita Tochitsky’s solo move to make it 1-1.

We got the momentum in the second frame, however it led to Hyka’s second of the night that was scored during their penalty killing. Later we survived a couple of PK and used our chance in the third period. On 46th minute of the play Nikita Vyglazov with a hard shot made it 2-2. For Vyglazov this point became the 100th in KHL.

In overtime Stanislav Galimov stopped all our attempts but during shootout series he cannot do anything after attempts from Sergei Shmelyov and Nikita Tochitsky. These two forward again brought us an important win. We will continue our trip in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.



OFFICIALSKulyov, Yudakov – Galimov, Shishlo.



35.Galimov (28.Fedotov); 55.Bailen (А) – 7.Kalinin (C), 38.Hyka – 11.Sedlak (А) – 91.Calof; 16.Shepelev – 5.Borodkin, 71.Avtsin – 24.Karlin – 97.Kosov; 52.Tereshchenko – 89.Karpukhin, 19.Thomas – 31.Mikheyev – 57.Osnovin; 79.Isayev, 34.Tridchikov – 9.Popov – 44.Zaytsev; 58.Stepanov.


73.Proskuryakov (34. Nalimov); 15.Bertilsson – 60.Rundblad, 21.Lugin (C) – 81.Collins (A)– 9.Arkhipov; 47.Petrov (A)– 4.Ellis, 96.Altybarmakyan – 87.Rosen – 24.Leshchenko; 2.Y.Alexandrov – 23.Vorobyov, 54.Mosalyov – 33.Tochitsky – 93.Shmelyov; 52.Gordeyev, 22.Vyglazov – 48.Rybakov – 18.Makarenko; 10.Starkov.

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