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Malte Stromwall: "I felt right away that Sochi was the best one for me"

The Swedish forward, who joined the HC Sochi this offseason, gave his first interview to the club´s press office and told about his goals for the upcoming season and experience in other leagues.

- How and when did you start playing hockey? We know that you were born in a hockey family, did this fact have any influence on your choice to become a hockey player? Or in Sweden, all the boys go to hockey?
- I started to play at a very young age. I got a pair of skates as soon as I started to take my first steps by walking. When I was four years old, my parents took me to a hockey school. I was around hockey a lot when I grew up, but I built my own passion and love for the game more and more for every year I played, and it is the same today. Commonly, kids start to play when they are young.

- By the age of 24, you played in Sweden and North America, then in Finland and now you are going to play in the KHL. What global goals do you set for yourself next?
- I just wanna keep getting better and improve my game ,and thereafter see where it all goes.

- Regarding the North American period of your life, what do you think went wrong there? Was it because you went there too early? What can you tell about your experience in America, what effect did it have on you?
- I was ready to play in the AHL for a couple of years to adjust to the style of playing over there. But I got injured my first season and missed almost half of it, and after that, it was hard to get the role that I needed for my development. Maybe I should’ve waited, but you never know if you are going to get a chance to sign an NHL contract again! I learned a lot and became a lot tougher mentally.

- There is an opinion in Russia that the level of the Finnish league is not as high as the level of the Swedish one. In your opinion, what is the difference between them?
- I like to say that it is not a huge difference, I think in Sweden the league is a little bit more even then in Finland. But both leagues have a lot of good players.

- Last season, a strange story happened to you: you got a disqualification, and then it was canceled. Tell us what happened?
- It is a too-long story, I got misunderstood by the referee, then we wanted to get my name cleaned from it, and we got it all through, and they took it back.

- What did you feel when you received an offer from HC Sochi? How long have you been making a decision?
- I was very happy to get the chance to make the step over to Russia and Sochi and the KHL. It did not take so long, I had some good offers, but I felt right away that Sochi was the best one for me and I think it will be a great fit for me.

- Now there are three Swedish players in our team. Have you talked to Robert Rosen? Has he already given you some advice?
- I have talked to Rosen a lot. We were teammates back in Växjö Lakers before. And he has only been telling me good stuff about the league and Sochi! He told me there is great weather.

- What do you expect from the debut season in the KHL and your game for HC Sochi? What are your goals for the upcoming year?
- I expect that it is going to be fun playing in such a good league. My goal is to make an impact on the team and contribute offensively and working hard for the team.

HC Sochi press office

Photo: www.kookoo.fi


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